October 9, 2018

Happy Canadian thanksgiving to all the beauties in the world. a few things to report at the moment.

  1. my song “I have no idea” is featured in a new film called “the new romantic” that hits theatres in Canada and the United States soon. keep your eyes peeled for it.

  2. I’ve been writing a lot of new songs and recording demos, etc…working on some new things but with no real end in sight. I want to keep this process up through 2019, with the possibility of some singles throughout next year.

  3. I have just signed on with a new agency in Canada called cool cats. we will begin working on new show dates for next year very soon. stay tuned.

  4. there is a new video on the way for my song “stoned”. it was created by Aiden searle of egg creative. i’m excited to share it with you. it will be available to view very soon. legalization of marijuana in this country is imminent and I figured, why not celebrate it with a new video.

 That’s it for now folks. Hope everyone is happy and safe. The world is nuts.





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