Common Senseless LP - Pre-sale (Limited to 100 copies)

Common Senseless LP - Pre-sale (Limited to 100 copies)


Common Senseless VINYL pre-sale, shipping December 2019.

This product is limited to 100 copies. When they are gone, they are gone.

You will receive a complete digital download of the album on release day.

Produced by Dennis Ellsworth
Recorded at The Hill Sound, Charlottetown, PE
Engineered by Adam Gallant
Mixed by Adam Gallant and Dennis Ellsworth


1.   Common Senseless
2.   Whatever You Want
3.   Anything at All
4.   Step Into the Light
5.   Sunflowers
6.   Spaceland
7.   Better Luck Next Time
8.   Don’t Worry About It
9.   Compassion
10. I Have No Idea
11. Cracked In Half
12. Sunshine Is Free
13. Foolish

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